A symbol of light and hope.
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Our Story

Meet our founder, Sarjia Esha. Sarjia was born in Bangladesh and she moved to the United States with her family to have a better life.

Essence Wicks was founded during the pandemic in 2020. As the world changed, businesses and borders closed, and Sarjia's University transitioned to an all online learning format. She felt her stress grow as so many of us had to change our routines and adapt to a new normal. Working full-time in health-care, Sarjia has seen first-hand the struggles the pandemic has caused, but she has also the witnessed strength that endures amongst the most challenging times.

When hope seemed to be all but lost, Sarjia began making candles to feel warmth, support, and bring back comforting and familiar smells. Our scents are designed to smell like home and our mission is to bring a symbol of light and hope into your home during difficult times.

Every purchase from Essence Wicks supports a family, small business, and a dream. We hope our candles allow you to take a step back, unwind and believe that the best things are yet to come.

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Soy wax candles sustainably poured in Minneapolis.

This Week’s Picks

Lets make your valentine's Day special with this gorgeous candle. Earthy wood and lush rose petal no
Will You Accept This Rose?

Let's make your valentine's Day special with this gorgeous candle. Earthy wood and lush rose petal notes are expertly blended with complimentary green tones on a base of soft musk.

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Midnight Waves With Him

Salty oceanic accords combine with dark musk and sandalwood to fill your space with this balanced, airy scent.

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Snow-flake candle Warmer

Add our wax melts and some drops of your favorite aroma or essential oil. Our warmer spread the light and hope throughout your home.

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Red Back Love

Satisfy your sweet loving senses with Red Back Love Candle. This mouthwatering gourmand smell captures warm layers of delicate phyllo dough brushed with butter and laden with chopped nuts and honey and enjoy your Red back Love candle!

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